Naked in winfield ks

29-Nov-2017 05:19

Sunday, when he was spotted sans clothes on West 10th Street just west of Massachusetts.

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8/13 update - owner contacted us and made it up to us with an amazing experience like we are used to getting from this establishment. Girlfriends food was cold and rice still crunchy, said something and asked for something different, and it took awhile to come out and was still tried to be charged for prior higher item.

Food was wrong and cold for my meal, ate 1 of 4 items before I noticed, manager on duty said I ate more than 1/2 so the policy was to charge me.

Told waitress this and she talked to manager who said she would fix it, brings us a check that went from to , so now even higher, we asked to speak to the manager.

After we could see the manager talking to another waitress on duty pointing at us and talking about us giggling, she came over and said she was "kind of" the manager when we asked if she was the manager on duty.I pray the owner sees this because we are frequent customers but may never go back or refer anybody after this awful experience.