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I have no idea what is going on, but I go with it because….. Led (or more accurately dragged) to the bathroom, Sergio runs the hot water in the shower and looks at me like…”well come on dummy, get your ass in there.” He does a quick CLAP CLAP and tears my robe off my now naked body.

At the conclusion of my…hummm “massage,” Hans leaves the room to get me some water.

- the female player branch of Konami's long running series, with the first four Jo Jo heroes attending Morioh High School and available to date.

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Then, head to Arashi Reef where you snorkel among beautiful reefs, star corals, and angelfish. Dive to 1 of the largest shipwrecks in the Caribbean, locally referred to as the ghost ship.

After winning tickets to a classical music series at the Hollywood Bowl, Christine takes her brother and his date and her ex-husband and his girlfriend to a concert.

They make her feel that being alone is wrong, so Christine accepts a setup date by new Christine with a man in her office.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the short stories of these two women and can totally relate to them.

I am sure they penned this book as nicely as possible as to not offend the men they were writing about.

In closing , I read the reviews of this book and truly think that the person that wrote the bad review was never on a dating site and has no knowledge of what it is like trying to find that one person. From someone who did meet their husband online, I can only say I wish I could have read this book sooner! There are funny stories (the omg kind of dates that you just want to forget)and then there are some bittersweet ones (the what-if kind of relationships that end). I'm passing it around to my GF's to read this summer.