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25-Dec-2017 20:22

In fact, Google has unleashed an over-optimization penalty that targets websites that have too many keywords stuffed onto one page.So when it comes to keyword optimization, keep it simple – think of up to five keywords or keyword phrases for each page on your website and optimize for those.But they all share (at least) one common thread: I hate them all. " Save us the stupidity and turn your interrogative sentence into a declarative one: That WAS funny. If a steak is truly great, an event truly random or funny, it would inspire you to actually devote an original thought to it. "If someone would have told me a decade ago that in 10 years I'd be doing X, I would NEVER have believed it." This assumes that it is a normal conversational convention for people to casually predict the future. The last declarative sentence they said didn't end with that. Not, "different", or "unusual." It means there is only one of them. Substitute with: "I could not care less", "I have never cared less about anything" 9. " This is said after someone takes a stand, but maybe with a bit too much conviction.(Author's Note: You may also enjoy installments II and III of the Overused Phrased Dumb People Say trilogy) 1. Such banality actually hurts your case, not enhances it. "I don't give a rat's ass" You don't give a rat's ass about what? Did you think this whole conversation was a big lead up to my asking, "Do you have any rodent sphincters I can have? If you met someone who said, "In 18 years you'll drive a yellow sedan that was manufactured in New Mexico." You would excuse yourself from the conversation. So can I believe anything they say that doesn't end with, 'it does. So if something is one of a kind, it cannot have degrees of one-of-a-kindness- it can't be VERY one of a kind, a little one of a kind, or pretty much one of a kindish. The latent irony is the passionate speaker clearly took a stand and made a statement, whereas the replier of "How do you really feel?In this case it is used like, "I exercise, for I like a healthy body.". Wouldn't it be more efficient to tell me what you ARE instead of what you are NOT?So all that sentence says is, "You cannot win because you are losing." It just says, you are not doing A because you are doing the opposite of A. All you've done is eliminate one of the innumerable possible nouns you could possibly be, which is extremely abstract, if you think deeply about it. I'm not a primitive cave drawing, nor am I a Rubenesque woman,..." etc."It is what it is" Here is what you just said: It is = It is. Did someone say, "Hey, it is not what it is.", or, "It is what it is not."? Substitute with: "Unique", "Original" or "One of a kind". " followed your originality and passion with a banal phrase that is linguistically worthless.

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The word cloud of a blog, news page, feed will give a quick idea about what topics are being discussed. If you have a blog or an account with social networking websites, you can use To Cloud and display a word cloud of your pages and impress your friends and visitors.If you kick me in the nuts I will say something like, "I am angry." instead of, "I'm not a Triceratops. Substitute with: Saying what you are and saving everyone some time. But you can't win for losing- and that is sort of unique, but not very- it is what it is.