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01-Aug-2017 13:43

So, it wasn’t surprising for her to receive the call from Mc Donald’s last September – but this time she wasn’t being asked for an opinion.

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It’s nowhere near perfect, with curious hardware omissions and a camera that doesn’t live up to its spec sheet. With the power of social media and the Internet, activists and animal-rights groups have gained unprecedented influence in shaping peoples’ perceptions and decisions of what to eat. A&W Canada, too, has abandoned its pledge to use eggs from furnished cages – but only after being subjected to an extensive campaign.As well as being an icon in the world of autism – a condition she lives with – Dr.The news came as a surprise not only to competitors of Mc Donald’s but to some who work for the company, too. In the months since, almost every major fast-food chain in North America has made a similar pledge to go cage-free. The petite 60-something with curly grey hair has been a household name ever since the airing of the award-winning eponymous 2010 biopic starring Claire Danes.

Even Tim Hortons followed suit: Back in 2012, it had vowed to source more eggs from hens in “furnished cages,” which are bigger and nicer than the infamous “battery” type used for 90 per cent of the 40 million boxes of eggs produced in Canada every year. In February, its parent company, which also owns Burger King, announced that both would go entirely cage-free. Like those other fast-food companies, it will move away from cages of any kind, no matter their size or amenities.

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