Dating canada dry bottles

09-Nov-2017 12:02

I’m just glad I was able to gobble up the stuff before it was officially identified as collectible.

Soon my surroundings looked like an advertising history warehouse.

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Really like the friendly "conversations" I see here. You are right there are a number of Aussie Codd bottles embossed ginger ale. What's interesting is that your Aussie Codds are the ONLY Codds I know of that are embossed ginger ale. Thanks again Irish- Hi John- I will post some photos when I get a free moment- this is the end of my 18 hour day, but you are right, the dates do mean that I have blobs, stoneware, crowntops (paper label and painted label) in my collection. Here is a photo of a few of mine, I'm sure I've got a couple more with ginger ale on the back but it may take a while to check the 500 or so bottles on display in the celler [: D] .

As you can tell from my nickname, I collect ginger ale bottles and wonder if there is anyone else out there that is as crazy as I am- just collecting ginger ales. When I first started collecting ginger ales about 17 years ago, I had NO IDEA of the trouble I was in. These are two different John Fletcher Warrnambool codds and a Wilcox Bros codd, my Wilcox is the variation without the ginger ale on the back but is exactly the same on the front so I thought I'd include it as well. Hello Whiskeyman, the Canada Dry bottle you mention is often mistaken for Ginger Ale.

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