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While we might have just been introduced to him, I guess they’ve been dating for a little while.Kimora has not responded yet to Russell’s big reveal of her business, but if it’s true, this will be her second official marriage. Well, it has always been women and femmes, and now it’s GIRLCULT, too.If you’ve ever dreamed of heading to a festival where women are the center of the universe, then this is for you. Kimora & Djimon Housou have admitted to calling it quits after a second round of split rumors hit the net this week.

that she has managed to remain friends with both Lawrence and Campbell without conflict on either side.We have remained happy, loving, co-parenting friends family. #Happy Thanksgiving my name is joy ,i am a young lady, i saw ur profile and i have interest in u send u email so that i will give u my pic and tell u more about me if u reply to me at this my email ([email protected]) C... His mellow seemed to compliment her larger than life personality.just when you're trying to move on and dig yourself out of the trenches of mistakes and misteps you've made some journalistic baffoon has to hatch up the past... This is not news Kola Boof already said they have broken up in June but just pretending to be together. Kimora lee was Kola Boof's friend and started sleeping with djimon when he was still with kola,imagine! and from the show, it looked liked he fit well with her girls.President Barack Obama and Hill Harper On the basketball courts at Harvard, when they were in law school, Hill Harper and Barack Obama met, became fast friends and flourished in their chosen fields of work, Obama, of course, to the pinnacle. You’d have a partner, and one person was Coke and the other Pepsi.

Their friendship remains strong, with author and actor Hill campaigning for his friend across the country during both presidential campaigns. And I’m pretty sure I bought weed from him.” Jean-Michel Basquiat and Madonna Basquiat, one of the most famous artists of the 1980s, met the Material Girl before his career blew up, as they were in the same circle of aspiring artists in New York and became friends (wink, wink). Depending on what the DJ would yell, you had to run and get on that person’s lap.She was married to Russell Simmons from ’98 to 2009, but she wasn’t legally married in the States to ex Djimon Honsou. It looks like Birdman is going to have to find love somewhere else…

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