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Practice manager Janet Newman said the situation has been particularly concerning due to the high number of elderly and vulnerable patients who use the practice in Lymington Road.“Many of our patients are elderly and when they are ill they need to be able to get in touch with a doctor,” she added.Will my old rotary phone work with the new fiber optic phone lines?The current copper phone lines carry current to power my old phone, so it works even when the power is out.To lend some authenticity to this most fabricated of set-ups, the boys are lodging together during rehearsals, which will hopefully help them bond as a team too.While this is possibly one of the more nurturing talent shows of recent years there is most definitely a sting in the tail.At a business level, this is the moment when the viewing figures start turning into hard cash, as the phone lines are open and ready for your vote.At an artistic level, this is the moment when five bands of five hopefuls have to seriously pull it together for their first proper gig.

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Currently, it's great to have a phone to use when the power goes out, since we do not get cellphone reception at my house, currently.

Given how much of the show is devoted to teamwork and bonding, this seems particularly ruthless.

Mind you, it should make for some fascinating documentary clips on next week’s semi-final.

One advantage of this technology is that these devices are transparent to the network which means they are not repeaters and do not have MAC or IP addresses.

If you’ve been caught up in the boy-band whirlwind that is Let It Shine, you cannot help but have been excited about the first of the live rounds (BBC1, February 11).

The Po E power can be supplied by either a head-end Po E enabled switch as is shown in the top illustration.