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Kylo even finds he likes teaching-- when the uptight Charms instructor isn't making his life a living hell.

Armitage Hux is pompous, cold, and so concerned with order and protocol, Kylo can't help but push his buttons. And please don’t fight back.” This is a Kylux Hard Kinks prompt fill for: Hux runs a porn blog posting twinky pics of himself and the occasional video.

He wanted to believe in Snoke and his words, wanted it more than anything, but even he had to admit it looked as if Snoke was wrong in his orders to kill Solo.

Which led him to wonder if Snoke had been wrong about that, what else had he been wrong about?

He keeps him hidden away in a secret room, on force-suppressants, so that neither Snoke nor the Resistance can take Ren away from him; while he plots to overthrow Snoke and become Emperor himself. The prompt is now a prologue and the fic is what happens after.

Newly unemployed, Kylo thinks taking the job might be the perfect solution to a very annoying problem.

In fact, Kylo seems to know exactly how to get under Hux's skin-- although thanks to a seventeen year old Obliviate curse gone awry, he can't quite remember why. Nearly against his will, he entered the closet sized chamber of the elevator. He does a follower giveaway promising to have sex with the winner and guess who the lucky guy is (its kylo).

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EDIT: Updated to include some other tags mixed in with the warnings to make sorting through it a little more manageable since this list has gotten ridiculously long and unwieldy and the excerpts alone often don’t tell you enough about the content of the fic.

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